Welcome to absolut bikes.

The history of absolutbikes GmbH starts back in 1993, when its founder, Kai Stemann, opened a bicycle shop in a small town near Stuttgart. Soon it became apparent that there was a great need for good and reliable suppliers in the bicycle sector in Germany: to fill this gap, absolutbikes decided to buy bicycle parts directly from the big brands and sell them to other bicycle shops. This was the beginning of the company's history as a wholesaler.

As one of the first in this field, absolutbikes started to operate a very successful B2B online trade via a well-designed webshop, since 2005 even on an international level, which at that time really marked the company out as a pioneer.

The large growth at home and abroad soon required the move to a larger and more professional warehouse, the acquisition of a better ERP system, a new webshop, the employment of more specialised staff. Absolutbikes developed from a small family business into a successful, medium-sized company.

The many years of cooperation on a personal level with the biggest manufacturers (Shimano, Continental, Schwalbe, Sigma Sport, etc.), together with the professionality of absolutbikes, became a cocktail of success and brought further growth: the trade in after market spare parts was expanded from 2021 through the merger with the company EBS from Borculo, the Netherlands (now absolutbikes b.v.), with new items, including many OEM parts, and new brands.

Our team consists of motivated and knowledgeable employees in the different areas, who always respond to customer requests and enquiries quickly and in a friendly manner.

Currently absolutbikes is one of the largest bicycle parts wholesalers in Germany, working with a network of sales reps in different countries, serving different customers, from specialised bike shops to large online retailers through competitive prices, top brands, fast service, absolute reliability.